Van der Vaart: “When you see Cristiano, he’s fighting; Messi walks through the field, aren’t you ashamed?”

The former Dutch player charges against the Argentine, who is not giving the level expected at PSG.
A much superior Manchester City at home puts PSG in its place.
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Rafael Van der Vaart has once again shown that he does not mince words. He already made it clear when he spoke of the Spanish team at the Eurocup, and now it is Messi who has been the focus of the acid criticism of him.

The Dutchman, current commentator of the Champions League on his country’s television, lashed out at the Argentine after PSG’s defeat against Manchester City. “It saddens me. It’s a matter of will. Either you want to or not. Messi is highly sought after and if he doesn’t score or assist, he has played a very bad game. Neymar has much more, that open gaze. He sees more, Mbappé too … but Messi doesn’t fit in, “he says.

The one who was a Real Madrid player among others draws on the classic comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, who although he does not spend his best days in Manchester either, he is still the protagonist. “When you see Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, I know they are two completely different types of players. He is fighting and wants to take the team to another level. Messi walks the field from time to time and I think: aren’t you ashamed? “He criticizes harshly.

It is not something new. “It already started with Koeman. I’m starting to get mad at Messi. It’s a shame, because such a player will never be born again,” he admits.

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