Messi Still Loves Barcelona, ​​Happily Ready To Come Back

Lionel Messi still loves Barcelona . The Argentine striker admitted he would be happy if he could return to the Camp Nou.
Messi is a living legend of Barcelona. The 34-year-old player has more than two decades in the Blaugrana uniform.

Messi has a record of 778 appearances and scored 672 goals for Barcelona. A total of 35 trophies can also be presented, including 10 LaLiga titles and four Champions League titles, which made him the

After carving the gold ink, Messi left last summer. The owner of the 6 Ballon d’Or contracts cannot be extended because of the restrictions on salary restrictions in LaLiga.

Now, Messi is starting a new career with Paris Saint-Germain . However, Lionel Messi apparently did not rule out a return to Barcelona .

In an interview with SPORT, Messi admitted that he was ready to return to Camp Nou, even if he was no longer a player. He admits that he wants to help the club he loves continue to be successful from behind the scenes, aka the club’s official.

“Yes, I’ve always said that I would love to be able to help the club in something useful and to be able to add to and help the club to be good,” Messi said.

“I would love to be technical secretary in a certain part. I don’t know if it will happen in Barcelona or not.”

“If there is a possibility, I want to contribute again with what I can, because this [ Barcelona ] is a club that I love and I will be happy if this club continues to be good, continues to develop and continues to be one of the best in the world,” he said. Lionel Messi .

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