Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha – Subduing Opponents, Friends to Destiny

What happens when a powerful Maou is tired of fighting? Anos Voldigoad found the answer. He reincarnated into a time of peace. But is that really the only reason?

Humanity was helped by the spirit race and the gods fought the demon race. According to Anos, they believed that defeating the demon race would bring peace to the world. But Anos who was also trying to defend his territory and the safety of his people had a different view. This Maou also made an astonishing offer to the hero Kanon. That is to create a magic wall that separates the territories of each race. To activate this magic one had to pay the price of the Maou’s life. Of course Anos has also prepared himself to be reincarnated precisely to the next 2,000 years when times are peaceful. The magic wall was finally activated after Kanon stabbed her sword into Anos’ heart.

Junk Food Is Also Delicious To Eat
Have you ever eaten junk food like fried chicken, french fries, or burgers? These foods are called junk food due to unbalanced nutrition. Usually too much salt and oil. Even so, there are many fans of junk food because it tastes good. Of course, not all of them are delicious, especially some of the fried street food. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha is one of the most delicious junk food to watch.

It starts with a fairly ordinary opening story. There is a very strong main character beyond reason. Accompanied by two girls (later added) who have the potential to attract the attention of anime fans. What is the picture of Anos’ power? If he sneezed uncontrollably he could destroy an area easily. For fans of characters from zero to hero, there may be allergies to this type. There is no struggle because the main character is already very strong from the start.

From the very beginning, the power fantasy story did not target readers/viewers who like to see the struggles of the characters. But for people who are curious about how strong a character can mess things up around him. It can be analogous to games with embedded cheat functions such as the Grand Theft Auto series. From the days of PS2 to PS4 there were always cheats that were already in the game. Players can take advantage of cheats to maximize the fun while playing.

The very powerful Maou was almost powerless to stop the protracted war. The only way was to erect a magic wall to separate the races. In the anime version it is not explained in detail that the magic wall only stands for 1,000 years in the hope that the hatred between the races will subside and the war will stop. This did happen 2,000 years later. Even so peaceful, interracial marriages became commonplace. Magic power decreased due to rarely being used as a tool of war.

It doesn’t always run smoothly because racism also appears in this world. One of them is a group of demon races who are trying to maintain pure bloodlines and look down on mixed races called hybrids. Indirectly, the writer of LN poked at the real world problems that racism exists until now.

Working Hard Despite the Pandemic

SILVER LINKS. producing animation Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha directed by Shin Oonuma. In the previous season, he handled Bofuri, which was widely discussed in cyberspace. He also directed Death March and Rokujyōma no Shinryakusha!? In other words, this director is competent to take care of a story that has elements of fantasy spiced with comedy. The execution process shows how strong the character is is also important. Several anime adaptations featuring characters with cheat powers fail to show anything interesting. Thanks to Shin Oonuma’s direction, this series becomes more entertaining when watched. Even for anime fans who are not familiar with the original LN source.

Not much different from other LN adaptations, it has to be trimmed here and there, especially the detailed explanation. They prioritize showing action immediately. Battle animation by SILVER LINK. who also handles Prisma Illya is pretty good. It’s not that special, but it’s important to remember that they had postponed the broadcast of this series due to the pandemic. So the results of the animators even though working at home are already good.

The design of the magic circle geometry is also interesting to note. Maybe not for everyone, but I think the magic circle design in this series looks pretty. Some of the use of CG is also able to blend in with the main animation.

Before it aired, I had time to read some comments that were disappointed that the character model was different from the manga version. On the contrary, the anime design model tries to be as close as possible to the work of illustrator Yoshinori Shizuma. He previously also worked on designs for a number of shipgirls in Kancolle, LN Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho, and the Toji no Miko mobage . So that character designer Kazuyuki Yamayoshi has many references to make the anime version of Maou Gakuin as similar as Yoshinori Shizuma’s illustration.

I think the manga version is less fierce. Anos didn’t seem to have any charisma. In the anime version, his eyes are often sharp with a confident expression. The selected voice actor also emphasizes how Anos has a charm that can make opponents jealous or submissive.

Until the latest episode the visual quality has not decreased or what is commonly called QUALITY. The character model is still stable. Viewers who like character designs can breathe a sigh of relief because there are many cute ones in this series.

Power Fantasy with a Family Touch
The thing that makes Anos a little different from the Maou from other series is that he has a family in his latest reincarnation. For Anos this is a new experience. In the anime, when with the Anos family, they tend to be calm without showing excessive pleasure or rejection. He didn’t care when his mother Izabella and his father Gusta tried to pamper and make him proud. But don’t harm the Anos family members. Because the consequences can be fatal. Instead of getting a quick and one-time death, it can actually get the world’s torments over and over again.

Character interaction is also a fun thing here. Anos is not the type of character who is shy about talking to the opposite sex. Even on the first day after school brought Misha to his house. Of course he was introduced to his parents. Next is Sasha, followed by Ray and Misa. There will be more later. The Anos family who are always cheerful are also happy to openly accept their new friends. Even invited to eat together.

If defined briefly, Anos is a type of alpha male who still respects women and parents. For me it’s hard not to like a main character with a personality like Anos.

Anos tried his best to live a normal life. His goal of becoming a Maou was probably a remnant of the promise with his subordinates that he would return after 2,000 years. This also shows that even Maou is not completely divine. Even though Anos possessed magic that could manipulate time, he didn’t expect anyone to have managed to change Maou’s name information. His journey back to the throne will be hindered by various elements, especially from pure races who don’t want hybrid races to become Maou.

Before it aired, at first I didn’t have much hope for this series. But the direction of director Shin Oonuma really deserves thumbs up. Each new episode is even more curious what kind of funny thing will happen when Anos unravel the problem. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha is actually a very entertaining series. Don’t be fooled by the beginning or the synopsis that feels ordinary. Keep watching until the third episode. If you manage to feel happy, continue to the end. There’s nothing wrong with watching a strong main character. As long as the execution is correct and makes the audience happy, it means that this anime has carried out one of its functions, namely providing entertainment.

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