Estimate of $ 60 million for the premiere of Venom: There Will Be Carnage

This weekend, the next Marvel premiere at the hands of Sony Pictures, “Venom: There Will Be Carnage” (“Venom: Let There Be Carnage”), hits theaters in the United States . While leaks continue to arrive, the second Venom movie prepares for its arrival on the big screens, and from Deadline we get a box office estimate.

Facing Shang-Chi’s four-week lead at the box office, “The Addams Family 2” and “The Many Saints of Newark” ; and coming just a week before the next James Bond movie, “No Time to Die” (“No Time to Die”) , “There Will Be Matanza” would gross a total of $ 60 million . However, the study’s estimates are somewhat more conservative and speak of about 40 million for those three days in theaters.

According to Variety, industry analysts expect the “Venom” sequel to fetch between $ 50 million and $ 65 million in its US debut. In addition, they reveal that the production budget is 110 million dollars .

Deadline also indicates that the passes for the fans were filled this past Monday (they assure that there was not even a free seat), so there is some hope that these data will be fulfilled, and even exceed them. The Shang-Chi movie originally hovered around a prediction of more than $ 50 million, and it ended up beating that number.

The first Venom movie of 2018 premiered with the best release date in October with $ 80.2 million. Although it was surpassed by “Joker” a year later. Comparing with the other Marvel releases this year, it should be remembered that “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” opened with 75.3 million, and “Black Widow” with 80.3 million.

The box office that you get will mark the one to come from the franchise, as there are plans for Venom 3 but Sony Pictures will not give the green light until seeing the result of this second.

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