ANIME Fena: Pirate Princess – Their voice actors reveal Yukimaru and Fena’s true feelings

Thanks to Crunchyroll Latin America, we were able to have an interview with their actresses and voice actors in which they revealed these secrets of anime

Fena: Pirate Princess (海賊王 女 Kaizoku Ōjo ) is an anime series created by Production IG in collaboration with Crunchyroll and Adult Swim . Her story shows us the life of Fena Houtman , a young orphan who was raised solely to serve the British Empire .

However, the story of Fena: Pirate Princess takes a 180 degree turn when our protagonist decides to free herself from her chains to live a free life. This is why it has earned a place among its fans and it seems that its voice actors and actresses know it.

Thanks to Crunchyroll Latin America , we were able to interview the acting team behind Fena: Pirate Princess and they revealed some secrets that might surprise you. For example, Asami Seto , actress of Fena , mentions that much of the quality of the acting work was thanks to the dubbing director Nakazawa .

For his part, Ryota Suzuki , Yukimaru Sanada’s voice actor, confessed that despite the fact that his character has a calm and serene personality, there is something that moves his heart. This character who usually shows his emotions, cannot help but get excited when he is with Fena . Could it be that we will see any romantic interest in Fena: Pirate Princess ?

Finally, Shitan is the one who has received the most attention from the dubbing direction team and who we will see take a more leading role in future chapters of Fena: Pirate Princess . According to Takahiro Sakurai , his voice actor, he has his own sensual appeal that we can’t ignore.

Fena: Pirate Princess – Characters
The protagonist of Fena: Pirate Princess is Fena Houtman , an orphan girl who was abandoned when her father’s ship was attacked by pirates. She arrives on the island of Shangri La where she will grow up most of her life. However, one day she learns that she will be sold to a British soldier named Maxiver Jr. , so she is rescued by Salman and Otto .

Later, she is taken to Goblin Island where she will meet a group of brave fighters The Samurai Seven , who will accompany her on her adventure, no longer as an orphan, but as a pirate. His mission now will be to discover the last words of his father and the mystery behind.

For their part , The Samurai Seven are an elite group of samurai from Goblin Island . In Fena: Pirate Princess , this group only managed to decimate 3,000 Spanish soldiers at the Battle of Dunkirk . Their leader is Yukimaru Sanada , an introverted but powerful warrior who manages to rescue Fena .

His right hand is Shitan , a handsome warrior who prefers to fight from a distance with a bow and arrows. The rest of the crew in Fena: Pirate Princess are: Karin, Enju, Kaede, Tsubaki, and Makaba .

As we mentioned, the story of Fena: Pirate Princess begins many years after Fena Houtman’s father died during a pirate attack. She manages to survive and grow up in Shangri La , until she is informed that she will be sold to a moody and powerful British soldier.

Fortunately, Fena is rescued by two of her great friends. Thanks to this she manages to escape and free herself from the chains that oppressed her.

Now, his mission will be to discover the secret behind a mysterious stone that he has received and the last words his father gave him. This is the beginning of the pirate adventure in Fena: Pirate Princess .

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