What’s New in Ipod Video

The capabilities of the new iPod video continue the development process of previous features, such as software, hardware, and compatibility with other devices.

When it comes to software, it is well known that iPods in general and iPod videos in particular play MP3, audio audiobooks, WAV, M4A/AAC, protected AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless audio file formats. Another possibility is that it can play m4v and mp4 MPEG-4 video file formats since the 5th generation iPod. Only non-copy-protected WMA files can be copied to iPod. Other formats cannot be played on iPod, this is the case for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis formats.

Besides, iPod is specifically designed to match iTunes media library software. This online music store appeared in 2003, sells songs and was thought to be only for iPod users and not other portable music players. This would have contributed to the success of the iPod and the iTunes Music Store, as well as the great advancement and improvement of iPod functionality.

The new iPod Video’s software has a new feature called personalized recommendations and video content that you can play on your PC or transfer to your iPod. The software has been upgraded to version 6, which represents a significant development and achievement.

When it comes to the hardware of the iPod, I can say that the 1st generation iPod was only charged via FireWire using a small power adapter. 4th generation iPods may have been charged via USB. The 5th generation iPod can be charged using the Dock connector, and can be recharged by connecting a FireWire cable.

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Windows and iPod compatibility was an Apple idea realized in 2002 that contributed to the creation of a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. iPod can be made Macintosh compatible, and there is also an iPodLinux project.

A few additional features can be mentioned when talking about iPods in general and iPod videos in particular. The iPod can display text files, which is very useful. There is also a PDA calendar. It was interesting a few years ago, but seems outdated these days. Games available for almost all iPods except iPod shuffle are Bricks, Parachute, Solitaire, Music Quiz. The most interesting game is the music quiz, where you play a part of some song and wait for the user to identify the song in a list. The downside of this game is that it uses a lot of battery power.

All of these features appear to have improved for the new iPod video, except for the creation of other games or the introduction of new games. This may seem like a drawback, but given the fact that this is the case for portable music players, this aspect is not so important.

The innovation is, of course, video capabilities, but the main features of the new iPod highlight significant improvements in image and sound quality. The video image is surprisingly smooth, allowing you to replace your skeptical attitude with a pleasant one.

It’s not my first attempt at getting video from a portable handheld device, but this one seems to be the most successful. This success is due to a lot of work and complex changes in software and hardware. In some ways, Apple seems to be a champion in creating special portable devices, and other steps may be taken in developing small video portable devices. In this way, special compatibility with more devices can be developed, which can achieve great success in different periods. Other online stores may emerge and evolve in the tradition of the iTunes music store. Apple Company legal content of downloads and paid music or TV shows, episodes or other material is covered by iPod.

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