Tattoo Symbols and Meanings Offer an Interesting Overlap of Cultures and Eras.

As always, history, symbolism and meaning provide an interesting overlap of cultures and eras. If you’re thinking of getting an anchor tattoo, it’s helpful to know its background and do some research to figure out the different meanings and symbols of anchor tattoos. Some common designs for ankle tattoos are tribal symbols, floral ornaments, or initials. Ankle tattoos can be small enough to go unnoticed unless the person is very close. The reason many professional women choose this type of tattoo is that it is not overbearing and at the same time allows you to always carry something personal on your body.

Once you’ve decided on the design and coloring of your ankle tattoo, you’ll want to visit a reputable tattoo studio. Looking through the phone book is one route, but if you know someone with a tattoo, you should ask about their experience. Often they will be delighted with you and will recommend places for you to visit. After you decide on a tattoo shop, you’ll want to discuss the concept with the artist. If you come here with no design in mind, we can show you a variety of images to choose from. Most people prefer smaller designs for ankle tattoos and if the artist feels your tattoo is too large, they will work with you to downscale it to a more appropriate scale.

Tattooing is piercing the skin, so no matter how small the tattoo is, there will be some pain no matter where it is located on the body. The amount and type of pain experienced will vary widely depending on each person’s tolerance and acceptance of pain. During tattooing, the needles pierce the skin to varying depths at very high speeds. Contouring is usually the most painful task. Because the needles are used to create the nice black lines that define the tattoo, they are inserted deeply and carefully to ensure full and effective coverage. Shading is usually painless, but depends on the depth of penetration and the desired effect.

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The pain you feel is usually a slight burning or hot scratching. Typically, tattoos are more painful when applied to areas of the body that have less muscle and adipose tissue covering the bones, such as wrists, ankles, chest, and other commonly sensitive body parts. The upper arm is usually the least painful, and the ankle and sternum can be very sensitive.

The pain of a tattoo is definitely not unbearable. Here are some tips for coping with and minimizing pain.
Find a reputable tattoo expert who feels comfortable getting your tattoo done. The confidence you get from a tattoo expert can help you minimize your pain as much as possible. Do not get drunk or do drugs.
Go in with a bit of determination and accept the fact that a few hours of discomfort will help you get a first-class tattoo without giving the tattoo expert a hard time. If you think you can’t stand the pain any longer, talk to a tattoo expert. Take a break or come back in a few days. Tattoos do not have to be applied all at once. Abort the session if necessary. Listen to music or stimulate your imagination during the procedure. The degree of distraction you set yourself up for will help you focus less on the pain.

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