The Celebration of Life Begins with Lunch

They come for lunch every Friday with parents and realtors, mortgage brokers and physician assistants, life coaches and flower shop staff from all walks of life. Many have represented their own start-up ventures such as jewelry making, business coaching, and spas and health clubs. No matter where they came from, they were there for each other and spent an hour supporting and socializing.

This weekly luncheon is held in five other cities and is sponsored by the Women Celebrations organization and attended by both men and women. According to founder Sheryl Lynn, each luncheon has a theme that suggests the independence and success that everyone aspires to. Topics were as varied as “magnificence”, “confidence” and “work”. At the “Applause” themed meeting, each attendee explained why the group deserved applause.

Members spoke of moving out of state and changing careers, business successes and personal joys. Each speaker received heartfelt applause as they took their time to “stand on their own.” It was Lin’s expression that people can find success and power within themselves.

What inspired Lynn to create Women Celebrations was the need to celebrate everyday things. Despite her success as a mother of three and an entrepreneur, she felt tired and discouraged at the end of the day.

“It wasn’t just banging on myself when these amazing things were over, and certainly no one else was there,” Lynn said.

Starting Women Celebrations, she created an environment where support and encouragement play a key role.

Today, Women Celebrations has a strong influence in northern Florida, with more chapters or “loops” appearing across the country. This organization is open to anyone who wants to celebrate their lives, share experiences with others and build a sense of community through positive interactions.

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