“V for Vendetta” Movies and These Days.

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The day I saw the “V For Vendetta” trailer in the cinema, I wasn’t willing to pay a ticket for seeing the man with a funny mask on his face. One of the simple films extracted from the little-known “comic” (at least to me) that pops up in theaters so often these days seemed more to me. But after seeing this film, it seems that I misjudged this film and that it wasn’t entirely fair to the writer and director.

It’s pretty surprising to follow the story of what’s happening today and its continual resemblance in a country not too far away and not too strange a neighborhood. In the film, England is taken over by a group of fanatics who have concluded that the reason for their life is power and the imposition of his world models and ideas on everyone and everywhere. Wars continue outside the borders and internal democracy is over. Meanwhile, fear is alive. People lose the power to question reality and have a conscience for the horrific consequences of living under such a decadent regime. A model based on reasons, not definitions. The “fascist” model is to preach, where society’s “clock-like” function is necessary for obedience and the benefit of a few “chosen people”.

But suddenly a problem arose that threatened “the status quo.” They (without knowing) made their own finishers. The name is ‘V’ as we see it as a mixture of revenge and a revolutionary mind. The film comes close to this character’s simple thirst for revenge, which is bad for the writer, but anyway; The film presents us with a tyranny challenged by a single interrogator, a single doubt about what is going on in that society, and his threat to amplify that doubt when the time is right—this is… November 5th.

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There is also the human side of the ‘V’. He meets the girl in her film thanks to his chance of being raped by secret agents of the ‘fascist’ regime who caught her on the wrong path. time. As long as the preachers of “England Dominance” are in power, you are not the master of your time. She escapes safely thanks to the “V”, but only enters the world of people who will change that world. She becomes V’s guest and prisoner and fears herself until she finally finds out that she has nothing to fear.

In the end, it seems that ‘V”s desire for revenge and the growing revolutionary intentions as the story unfolds are split. It became somewhat clear that everything coming from the old regime, including “V,” had to die, but he left a final gift and perhaps a lesson for those who wanted to learn it. Passion belongs to the individual and can be a very powerful force. But a revolution cannot be done by one or two people, and a revolution is made by the conscience and will of the people.

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