“Brokeback Mountain” Movie, When Love Doesn’t Matter.

It aroused the curiosity I felt when the film was shown, and after hearing so many comments about the film, I was at a point where I already knew, at least in pathological terms, what the story was about and who was on the screen. At least that’s what I thought.

Everything starts from afar. A truck driving through the hills finds a young man who appears to be far from everything outside his office. Then a second character arrives, almost pushing an old black truck. Now we realize what they are looking for. They need a job.

They will be hired to tend sheep in the mountains of Wyoming, spend the summer together in the mountains, and live and work side by side all those days. As they reach their destination, “del Mar”, more confident, releases a few words from his mouth, starts talking a little more and shows his friend a sign of sympathy. He is a tough young man with a family history that resembles a nightmare in one of the Dickens stories. No one suspects that something “out of the norm” is happening in the story. A day seems to pass without great novelty.

But away from the day and night routine of working at “Brokeback Mountain”, something new happens. Something happened between the two of them. It’s like a storm coming from nowhere in their lives. At first, it seems to be a passionate episode of loneliness, a dream no one knows about. But reality dictates something else. What just happened will keep happening. They are forever held together by the force of either making or bending the will. What we call love.

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After summer is over, the two men must return to their world away from the mountains, to their previous lives. But within them lies a secret place where you can see that life no longer exists. They have faced their most inner reality and it will not go away.

They will try to pursue a “normal” life to marry their wife and realize that they are fake. They do not belong to that traditional society, they belong only to each other since that day in the mountains. They finally decide outside the house of “del Mar”, a two-story apartment, and they meet again. He hasn’t had much luck in his life since childhood and it seems to be emphasized every day, and now even her wife knows her preferences. We tend to conclude that his only luck and luck in his life is what he feels for his “fishing buddy” Jack.

At home in “Del Mar”, things go awry, their marriage is disrupted, and he’s fighting for life in a society that could stone him if he knew it. But there are also bright moments. In “Brokeback,” he regularly meets Jack, who travels away from Texas to meet the only love he knows.

By the end of the story, a conflict arose between the partners. Too much distance and insufficient proximity will not improve the relationship. They just had a bad meeting in their paradise. They part, promising to meet again, and fix what can be fixed if the story suddenly takes us to a scene where we receive notice of Jack’s death in a cold post. Card with the inscription “Decedented”. Everything indicates that he was murdered, and he was caught by those who did not allow “others” to wake up. And now Ennis del Mar is estranged from society for his love, who forever longs for Jack and his soon-to-be-married daughter. His father doesn’t know that he is lonely for a reason. Love doesn’t matter.

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